Learning Pods for Local Homeschooling Families in Connecticut

Are you a homeschooling family in Connecticut looking to enhance or supplement your home curriculum while also incorporating socialization and fun?

At Kindergarten and Beyond Learning Center, we’ve crafted a program designed to cater to your family’s educational needs. Drawing from our experience working with families like yours, our pod-based learning approach ensures personalized instruction that adapts to the diverse age groups within each pod.

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Customized Learning Pods for Upper and Lower Elementary

Our educational learning pods are structured to accommodate both upper elementary (ages 8-12) and lower elementary (ages 5-8) cohorts. Sessions are conveniently offered in the morning (9:15-12:15) and afternoon (11:45-2:45), with a built-in 30-minute overlap for collaborative activities.

In our lower elementary pod, students embark on a comprehensive three-hour journey, diving into core subjects while engaging in daily craft activities. Meanwhile, our upper elementary/middle pod focuses on content-based learning and real-world applications during its three-hour sessions.

Operating from September to May, our program includes four vacation weeks throughout the year to ensure a balanced learning experience for your child.

Academic Enrichment: The Benefits of Learning Pods at Kindergarten and Beyond Learning Center

  • Socialization: Homeschooling may sometimes lack avenues for social interactions. Learning pods offer a structured environment for children to engage socially, collaborate, and enhance vital interpersonal skills.


  • Diverse Perspectives: Learning pods typically bring together children from various backgrounds, fostering exposure to diverse viewpoints and nurturing a more enriched learning atmosphere.


  • Resource Sharing: By participating in learning pods, families can combine resources, share materials, and tap into collective expertise to make comprehensive education more affordable and effective.


  • Flexibility: Learning pods provide flexibility in scheduling, curriculum options, and teaching methodologies, catering to the distinct preferences and circumstances of each family involved.


  • Community Support: Homeschooling families can establish connections with like-minded peers through involvement in a learning pod, creating a supportive community that exchanges resources, ideas, and encouragement.


  • Specialized Instruction: Within each learning pod, educators are able to customize instruction to meet the specific needs and interests of the small group, thereby offering more personalized attention and support compared to larger classroom settings.

Empowering Readers Through Hands-On Learning

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At Kindergarten and Beyond Learning Center, we prioritize phonological and phonemic awareness as foundational skills crucial for fluent reading and comprehension. 

  • Phonological awareness involves identifying and manipulating different sound elements in spoken language, while phonemic awareness focuses on recognizing individual phonemes within words. Understanding the stages of becoming a proficient reader, we provide foundational instruction grounded in reading science. 
  • Facilitated by certified educators, our hands-on lessons integrate a variety of curricula to accommodate different learning needs.
  • Choose from options of one, two, or four days a week, each featuring three-hour sessions covering essential subjects like literacy, numeracy, science, and history. 

Join us for a personalized educational journey aimed at nurturing your child’s growth and development.

Educational Flexibility is Important To Us

We’ve crafted various tailored options to suit different budgetary considerations, working closely with homeschooling parents to offer valuable supplementary resources.

You’re empowered to choose your preferred attendance frequency, whether it’s four mornings per week or just one or two half-days. Our relaxed educational environment complies with Connecticut’s homeschooling regulations and promotes a supportive communal learning atmosphere within a flexible framework.

Enroll in our pods today and enjoy a 20% discount on our other available programs.

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Learning Pod Schedule

9:15-9:30: Arrival, Greeting Meeting 

9:30-10:00: Read Aloud

10:00-10:30: Reading/Writing Activities (small group)

10:30-10:45: SNACK

10:45-11:15: Math Mini Lesson

11:15-11:45: Math Activities (small group)

11:45: Arrival Group 2

11:45-12:15: Readers’ Theater, Show & Tell, Science Groups 

12:15: Dismissal Group 1

12:15-12:35: LUNCH for full-day Greeting Meeting for Group 2

12:40-1:00: Read Aloud/Mini Lesson

1:00-1:30: Reading/Writing Activities (small group)

1:30-1:40: SNACK

1:40-2:10: Math Mini Lesson

2:10-2:40: Math Activities (small group)

2:45: Dismissal